About Us

The Company was formed by Tony Boyce in early 2007. Although a new Company it was born out of Tonys vast experience of Support Services for Adults with Learning Disabilities. At this time Tony had worked in the field of Learning Disability provision for 18 years.

Tony had worked at all levels in the Industry from Waking Night Support Worker-Senior Support Worker-Deputy Manager-Registered Care Home Manager-Area Manager-Regional Manager-Head of Service to Director of Operations.

Having worked successfully at all of these levels and for a variety of different organisations Tony wanted to combine all that he had learnt and combine the best from all that he had seen into a new type of organisation. During the 18 years Tony had seen the Good, Bad and mediocre of Care.

Even at senior manager and director Level Tony's trade mark was always his genuine interest in the outcomes for service users ( what life is really like for the person to whom Care/Support is being provided) Tony made it his business to not be an office based director but one who was present at the point where the service users were being supported to ensure the service was Real. What is ment by this is; not what is said to be being provided, not what is written in a care folder under a pile of dust but what is the real out come for people with learning difficulties. Although there were many hundreds of residents throughout the homes, Tony knew them all by name. He also knew the majority of staff. Tony always went far beyond what was expected of someone working at that level, working long hours to attend residents parties, Christmas and birthday celebrations the all over the country. Although a busy executive by now he always made time for people and did not shy away from difficult problems.

Tony always addressed poor practices by staff and commended those who were dedicated and genuine about what they were doing